Vittorakis Platanias Crete medical museum

Museum of medical history

This small museum exhibits some old medical tools and books which were used mostly by Doctor Charalampos Vittorakis’ father.
Dr. Konstantinos Vittorakis (who graduated from the Medical School of Athens University) was doctor in Rodovani and the surroundings villages, a rural area southern of Chania, from 1954 to 1996.

Only a few medical tools were available

He served the community as a general practitioner. At those ages, a doctor could use only a few medical tools and the access to the hospital from that area was almost impossible.

Riding the mule for visits

During the first years of his career as a doctor, the only way to access his patients were small mountain paths riding a mule! Later on a military Jeep, one of the first vehicles in the district of Chania, served his needs as a doctor.

Development in medical tools

The small museum holds a collection of instruments dating back to the early 50s. All this brought together by Dr. Konstantinos Vittorakis.

To view in this small museum is to realize how far medicine has come. From medieval obstetrics equipment to now forgotten instruments, we are a little reassured by so much evolution!